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I.G.P. Piedmont Hazelnut Papa dei Boschi, excellence for your ice cream parlour.

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I.G.P. Piedmont Hazelnut from Papa dei Boschi, the excellence for your ice cream parlor

Let’s take a virtual trip to discover the I.G.P. Piedmont Hazelnut (I.G.P. stands for Indicazione Geografica Protetta - PGI Protected Geographical Indication), an Italian excellence that the world envies us. We want to go in good company, with Papa dei Boschi, a producer who grows hazelnuts with a personal dedication and has chosen as the online shop where his products can be found. Papa dei Boschi means excellence for those who look for the best ingredients in artisan gelato making and want the best for their customers.

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The Papa dei Boschi farm guarantees an exceptional quality as it only offers hazelnuts grown and harvested exclusively from its own land. The production is certified as "I.G.P. Piedmont Hazelnuts", comes from the Cru in Lequio Berria in the Alta Langa near Cuneo, recognized among the best in the world.

Tonda Gentile delle Langhe, the unrivaled cultivar for its organoleptic qualities

Lequio Berria, a small town of Alta Langa located at 700 mt. of altitude, is an area particularly suited to the production of Piedmont hazelnuts I.G.P. In this hard ground are rooted the origins of Agricultural Papa dei Boschi and the Noè family, who has dedicated itself for the last three generations to the production of cultivar "Tonda Gentile delle Langhe", unrivaled for its organoleptic characteristics. All production is certified as "Piedmont hazelnuts I.G.P., an hazelnut widely recognized as the best in the world, thanks to the unique taste, excellent aroma and excellent shelf life after roasting. The I.G.P. denomination certificate the quality and the product authenticity. The hazelnut 'Tonda Gentile delle Langhe" is especially appreciated for the production of sweets, ice cream and high-quality pastry, but it is also perfect for wine tasting or with aperitifs.

I.G.P Piedmont Hazelnuts and Gianduia, back from the Napoleon era

The history of Pidmont Hazelnut is closely linked to Gianduia or Gianduja, the precious and well-known mixture of cocoa and hazelnuts. The origin of Gianduia is attributed to the Turin confectioners which since 1800 could not buy anymore cocoa if not at very high prices. This was due the commercial block imposed by Napoleon on imports of products from England. The confectioners began, as a less expensive alternative, to substituting part of the cocoa with the Tonda Gentile Delle Langhe Hazelnut, thus inventing a new mixture of cocoa and hazelnuts that soon became well recognized for its intense but at the same time delicate flavor and took the name of Gianduia, just like the popular Turin carnival mask.

8 Hazelnut or Gianduia Papa dei Boschi products available on

8 are the products that you find on from Papa dei Boschi farm, ready to be used on ice-creams to variegate, to garnish and give crispness; to prepare a quality hazelnut ice-cream or for baking preparations like short pastry or biscuits.

  • GIANDUIA CREAM WITH HAZELNUT IGP - JAR OF 0.5 KG. Use to ripple top quality hazelnut ice creams.
  • GIANDUIA CREAM WITH HAZELNUT IGP - JAR OF 1 KG. pUse to ripple top quality hazelnut ice creams.
  • GIANDUIA DARK CREAM WITH HAZELNUT IGP - JAR OF 0.5 KG. with vanilla berries of Thaiti and raw cane sugar 
  • GIANDUIA DARK CREAM WITH HAZELNUT IGP - JAR OF 1 KG. the percentage of hazelnuts exceeding 55% and the use of the vanilla berries of Thaiti and raw cane sugar make it a very high quality product.
  • ROASTED HAZELNUT FLOUR IGP PIEDMONT Hazelnut flour can be used for baking preparations such as pastry or biscuits
  • ROASTED HAZELNUT GRAIN IGP PIEDMONT  can be used to donate a note of crispness and flavor to any ice cream.
  • WHOLE ROASTED HAZELNUT IGP PIEDMONT  can be used to donate a note of crispness and flavor to any ice cream.
  • IGP PIEDMONT HAZELNUT PASTE  to prepare the best hazelnut ice cream dose at 80/100 gr./lt. and decorate with hazelnuts or grain IGP

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